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Introducing the finest products for rich and spicy kerala dishes

Evergreen Trading Company was established in 2010 by the team of experts who earlier engaged in the same field of food products manufacturing. They started the company in a small and simple manner with the manufacturing of Curry powders, Masalas, Rice Products etc and give the brand name as “Evergreen”. With the aim of conquering the market in India as well as abroad they worked hard and pay full attention to maintain the quality of the product.

Now a days the market is in growing need of quality food products and the state like Kerala is a good source of quality raw materials like spices and flour. By using this high opportunity the management of Evergreen Trading Company decided to extend the production in huge manner. As a result now the company have 119 varieties of their own products which are conquering the market.

“Evergreen” has become the brand of choice for customers when it comes to exceptional genuine products. Using our own Research and Developement Unit all “Evergreen” products are hygienically prepared as we believe that from hygiene comes purity and from purity come the taste. Incoming Raw material, Packing material, Quality control checking, online checking of production and finished goods final quality check is done for each batch sizes and samples are kept to identify any variations of quality in the later stage. Our Full Fledged Laboratory carries out analysis of all food products at all stages. After all with in a few time the Evergreen products are made available in almost all countries.

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